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Created on February 22, 2018
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Quiz Set (2/22/2018)

1) What are the first 3 words of the Constitution? : We the People
2) What is the introduction to the Constitution called? : Preamble
3) What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called? : The Bill of Rights
4) How many amendments does the Constitution have? : 27
5) Name a freedom guaranteed by the 1st amendment : speech, religion, press, assembly, petition

Created on February 22, 2018
# of questions: 30

Government Final Exam

1) What are the first 3 words of the Constitution? : We the People
2) What is the introduction to the Constitution called? : Preamble
3) What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called? : The Bill of Rights
4) How many amendments does the Constitution have? : 27
5) Name a freedom guaranteed by the 1st amendment : speech, religion, press, assembly, petition

Created on February 22, 2018
# of questions: 30

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Created on February 21, 2018
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Storia dell'ottica e dei sistemi ottici.
Telescopi Microscopi
1) Nem: Noise error modulating : ....
2) Periscopio: Chi lo ha inventatoQuando : 1637
3) Kepleriano, distanza focale dall’obiettivo : Uguale oculare
4) " Dopo che compresi...." : Newton
5) Kepleriano, la distanza focale è: : Uguale all'obiettivo

Created on February 21, 2018
# of questions: 8

Try Out I English Class
This test is use for Real Test where students will get on
1) Text is for no.1 Don’t swim in the sea DANGEROUS!1. What activity is forbidden in the sea? : D. Fishing

Created on February 20, 2018
# of questions: 1

ch 8

1) What is Consciousness? : Awareness of the outside world and your mental activity.
2) What is Circadian Rhythm? : 24 hour Sleep Awake cycle controlled by the hypothalamus (Bio Clock)
3) What is Melatonin? : Hormone involved in circadian rhythm.
4) What is Chronotype? : Morning or Evening person. Affected by Genes and Age.
5) What is SAD? : Seasonal Affective Disorder. Person experiences depression during winter months.

Created on February 20, 2018
# of questions: 24

Tes Asal
Asal banget lah
1) Sebutkan nama orang aneh di JPKR : Mela
2) sajkdasjkdashfja : kjsadhakjdhsjakd
3) sadsadasdasd : asdasdasdasd

Created on February 20, 2018
# of questions: 3

Businesses and Personal Law 2

1) Personal, natural rights guaranteed by the Constitution : Amendement
2) Change or Altercation. : Amendment
3) The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. : Political Party
4) Law that is intended to govern the use of computers in e-commerce. : Civil Rights
5) Concept of fundamental fairness in compliance with reasonable and just laws : Due process of law

Created on February 19, 2018
# of questions: 20

Chapter 12
1) Your patient is in shock but the body is currently able to maintain adequate perfusion. This is called __________. : compensated shock.
2) What is pulse pressure? : The difference between a person's systolic and diastolic pressures.
3) Shock due to a severe infection is called : sepsis.
4) When assessing a patient with signs and symptoms of shock it is important to remember that : blood pressure may be the last measurable factor to change in shock.
5) Check all answers that apply.The basic causes of shock are : pump failure.

Created on February 19, 2018
# of questions: 23

Chapter 13
1) CPR stands for what? : Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
2) What is ROSC? : Return of serious circulation.
3) What is the compression to ventilation ratio for adults? : 15:2
4) What is the compression to ventilation ration for two person child CPR? : 30:2
5) Full chest recoil is not important during CPR. : True

Created on February 19, 2018
# of questions: 26

Shock and CPR
Chapters 12 and 13
1) What is systolic pressure? : The pressure generated when the heart contracts.
2) What is diastolic pressure? : The pressure maintained when the heart rests.
3) What is shock (hypoperfusion)? : The endocrine system collapses and hormones are no longer sent where they need to go.
4) What are the three components of the "perfusion triangle"? : Heart, blood vessels and blood.
5) What is diffusion? : A passive process that involves many chemical reactions allow blood to flow in the body.

Created on February 19, 2018
# of questions: 23

Practice Quiz
Here's a practice quiz on pickleball.
1) The serve is made diagonally across court landing in your opponent's no-volley zone. : True
2) In pickle ball there is a rule, called the double bounce rule. : True
3) If the ball comes in contact with the ceiling or anything attached to the ceiling and stays on your side, it is in play. : True
4) After the double bounce rule, you may volley the ball out of the air as long as your feet are behind the no-volley zone line. : True
5) A team shall only score a point when they are serving. : True

Created on February 19, 2018
# of questions: 5

Chapter 39: Abdominal Trauma Quiz

1) You are treating a patient with an abdominal evisceration. You should: : Do not replace the protruding organs, cover with a sterile dressing moistened with sterile saline, and an occlusive dressing
2) A patient has referred pain to her left shoulder. Which one of the following should the AEMT suspect? : Hemorrhage from the spleen
3) Ecchymosis around the umbilicus indicative of retroperitineal bleeding is referred to as: : Cullen’s sign
4) Ecchymosis around the flanks indicative of retroperitineal bleeding is referred to as: : GreyTurner’s sign
5) Referred pain to the left shoulder caused by diaphragmatic irritation, which is caused by the presence of blood and may indicate splenic injury is known as: : Kehr’s sign

Created on February 19, 2018
# of questions: 29

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