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1) 2-1= : 1

Created on March 24, 2017
# of questions: 1

Order of Operations Quiz
Practice order of operations
1) 5+5-3= : 7
2) 9-4 X 2 : 1
3) (6+3)- 2X4 : 1
4) (5+5)+(4X2) : 18
5) (4^2-3) + 5 : 18

Created on March 24, 2017
# of questions: 7

Chapter 27.4 and 27.5 Quiz

1) What was a diet? : An assembly
2) What were corregidores? : Church priests
3) How were German emperors able to control the office of the Pope in the late 900s and early 1000s? : They took over his office and took control
4) How did the Hapsburgs come to power? : Rudolf Hapsburg was elected to be emperor by the diet
5) How did Ferdinand and Isabella control the nobles and keep order in Spain? : They told the nobles that if they rebelled that they would have them burned at the stake and gave peace speeches all around Spain

Created on March 24, 2017
# of questions: 8

The following questions are incomplete sentences, Beneath each sentence you will see four words of phrases. Choose the one word of phrase that best completes the sentence
1) After the funeral, the residents of the apartement building ................... : sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery each weeks
2) Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for ................... : another pants
3) The committee has met and ................... : they have reached a decision
4) Mr.Refai’s score on the test is the highest in the class ................... : he should study last night
5) Mr. Apung Sugiarto will not able to attend the meeting tonight because ................... : he must to teach a class

Created on March 24, 2017
# of questions: 10

INI hanya uji coba pembuatan soal online
2) Apakah pemilik blog ini GANTENG? : A.cukup ganteng

Created on March 24, 2017
# of questions: 2

Quiz Set (3/23/2017)

Created on March 23, 2017
# of questions: 0


1) (-6*)does what to a graph?(6-*) <-(negative exponent)does what to a graph?* is an exponent : (-6*)reflects over x axis(6-*) <-(negative exponent)reflects over y axis
2) y=3*fs does what? : y=3*fs shifts left and right
3) y=a(b*)+c (what does c do?) : brings up/down
4) y=a(b*)+c (what does A do?) : higher is steeper, lower is less steep

Created on March 23, 2017
# of questions: 4

Clothing and Textiles Semester 1 Review Quiz

1) To calculate the cost per wearing, divide the estimated number of wearings by the total cost of the garment, including any cleaning costs. : False
2) In hot weather, tight-fitting clothes are a good choice because they allow perspiration to easily evaporate. : False
3) The best storage method for knitted garments is to fold them and place them in a drawer, rather than hanging them in the closet. : False
4) If you look through your closet and see certain styles you have not worn in years, it may indicate that many of those clothing styles are fads. : False

Created on March 23, 2017
# of questions: 4

KUIZ HMT 216 Quiz
1) Tentukan sama ada ayat berikut mempunyai tanda baca yang betul atau salah.'Adik; abang; kakak pergi ke rumah rakan mereka.' : False
2) Kedua-dua ayat berikut mempunyai subjek:1. Ahmad pergi ke kedai runcit.2. Khalisha duduk termenung di bawah pokok. : False
3) Apakah tanda baca yang sesuai untuk diletakkan selepas perkataan 'tayangan' dalam ayat berikut:Aril lebih gemar menonton televisyen apabila terdapat tayangan sebaliknya Amna lebih gemar membaca. : .
4) Menyelesaikan masalah untuk situasi baru dengan memohon berdasarkan pengetahuan yang diperoleh, fakta, dan peraturan dalam cara yang berbeza.Berikut merupakan definisi bagi.... : Mengingat.
5) Mentafsir, menyusun semula, dan membandingkan. Berikut merupakan kata kerja yang terdapat di bawah kategori.... : Menilai

Created on March 23, 2017
# of questions: 5

Domande vero/falso Quiz
1) La fillossera è un insetto che distrugge le radici della vite europea : False
2) L'alcool determina pseudocalore e morbidezza : False
3) L'acido lattico deriva dalla fermentazione dell'acido tartarico : False
4) Il rapporto di conversione zuccheri-alcool è pari a 0,80 : False
5) Gli icewine sono vini prodotti per appassimento artificiale delle uve : False

Created on March 22, 2017
# of questions: 10

Quiz Set (3/22/2017)

Created on March 22, 2017
# of questions: 0

Quiz Set (3/22/2017)

Created on March 22, 2017
# of questions: 0

Urocultivo Quiz
Objetivo: Conocer la importancia de una buena recolección de muestra para el estudio del urocultivo. Así como conocer los microorganismos causantes de infecciones del tracto urinario.
1) ¿Cuáles son los agentes etiológicos de las infecciones urinarias? : Streptococcus, Baccilus, Aeromonas
2) Mencione los factores predisponentes para el desarrollo de infecciones urinarias : Diabetes, enfermedades renales, trasplante renal, y algunas anomalías estructurales y neurológicas, pacientes del sexo femenino, embarazo, falta de higiene
3) ¿Por qué debe realizarse el urocultivo en un lapso no mayor a las 2 horas después de la recolección de la muestra? : Por que la orina es un fluido corporal, donde las bacterias utilizan los componentes de este líquido para poder reproducirse.
4) ¿Para que sirve el medio CLED? : Es un medio selectivo que nos permite la identificación de microorganismos causantes de infecciones urinarias

Created on March 22, 2017
# of questions: 4

Quiz Set (3/22/2017)

Created on March 22, 2017
# of questions: 0

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